Why Adfornet

Fast and Flexible Payments

Get on Net 15 payment terms. You can choose to get paid with Paypal, by Check, via Wire Transfer or by your own Adfornet custom credit card (through Payoneer, we would simply transfer money onto your credit card).

Competitive Rates

Receive up to 85% of the ad income. Get the money you deserve with revenue sharing. We connect you with top advertisers who are willing to pay big for your traffic.

Maximize Your Traffic Monetization

Media gets categorized by country, mobile/web, display/rich media channels and more.This allows you, the publisher, to get the best bid for every slice of the media.

Wide Array of Platforms, at Your Service

More than 700 ad-networks and global SSPs / Exchange Platforms, including Google Adsense, Yahoo RightMedia and more bid for your media. This means you always get the best return on your media through a single point.

24/7 World Class Support

In addition to robust technology, our experts like to hear and support you with any issue you might have. You will not find better service anywhere else on the market.

Earn Extra with the Referral Program

10% additional income every time you refer a Publisher or Advertiser to Adfornet’s network. Earning money has never been easier!

Mobile Pages

The same technology that works on the web, works on mobile pages.The right ad is displayed at the right time, with the required dimensions and per any OS / Device the consumer might be using.


Let our analytics do the job for your site: devices, GEO, banner sets, campaigns, skins, advertiser, publisher and many more services.


Interface Screen Shot

Publisher Dashboard
       Performance Reports
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Payment Options


Please note that the minimum amount for payment to be sent out is $50.